“Special home” appetizer


Fuet salami-type sausage

Escalivada aubergine and red pepper width tuna fish

Esqueixada codfish salad

Chickpeas with “all i oli” sauce

Rossejat noodle with prawns and squid

…main course…

Mixed butifarras width “mongetas” catalan sausages width white kidnet beans

…for dessert…

Catalan cream custard gilled on the top or homemade cake

€28 (VAT included)

*includes one slice of toasted bread with fresh tomato and half a bottle of wine per person

*water and coffee also included

*subject to advance booking for a full table


ALL I OLI Restaurante · 943 460 296 · Camino de Okendotegi, 2 · Martutene, Donostia - San Sebastian